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I need a suggestion for the next step for a friend who is rapidly on the way to red-pilling himself. The Timeline and JFK to 9/11 along with some of my explanations about the tunnels and cloning are really clicking, but it takes some mental gymnastics to really understand that what appears to be the cabal still in charge is largely the White Hats forcing them to speed up the plan to wake up the masses. What would be good to send him next?

  • Fall of the Cabal is great
  • Another suggestion: „The Takedown of the Cabal from A to Z“ by FreakSense TV.  I found these three parts:

    Part One ~ The World Capitulates to Donald Trump: https://rumble.com/vdfgdl-charlie-freak-and-mark-devlin-trump-and-the-q-plan-complete-from-a-to-z.html

    Part Two ~ The New Silk Road

    Part Three ~ Cutting the Head off of the Hydra

  • We must all be psychic. I sent him Fall of the Cabal but he hadn’t gotten to it yet. Yes, that should help.
    Somehow I had the idea that the A to Z one was just another name for Fall of the Cabal. Seems I was wrong about that. The first section is the same as The Timeline but I’m not even sure I’ve watched the second two parts. I’ll send that one along too.
    It’s so exciting watching someone catch on! I think the last straw that made him ready was the banks starting to go down. 

    • I think the A to Z one is great for connecting more dots and making sense of things! (bear in mind, Charlie is „off“ with his predictions as to when this all would be „over“ .. ..seems he believed Trump would be winning the election) (ignore his dates), .. .. the rest of what he discloses throughout the series is really great! Deep-Dives!
  • This is a better, or best version, FYI:

    Game Over for the Cabal – The Takedown of the Cabal From A to Z

    This is, IMO, the BEST presentation done thus far of my „famous“ Youtube Video entitled, The Takedown of the Cabal from A to Z (now watched by almost 3 million people). Put together by Bonfire Guy (on his Youtube Channel by the same name), this version of my 3 hour presentation on Mark Devlin’s Show focuses upon the Big Three Takedowns by US President, Donald J.


    • Thank you.
      I also sent along Derek Johnson’s website. That has enough information and links to keep a person busy for a long time.
  • Outline of the Blueprint by Derek Johnson! 🙂

    1776 Nation – The Documents – 1776 Nation

    PDF Update Complete: The PDF’s have been corrected and the links are now clickable. Thank you for being patient. × Dismiss alert FACT CHECK THIS! The Military & Constitution Regulated Inauguration – President Trump by Derek Johnson Covert Operation by Derek Johnson What’s REALLY Happening in Ukraine by Derek Johnson Optics 101 by Derek Johnson …

    • Yes, thanks, that’s what I sent. I have to admit I have not yet read the whole thing though!
    • Agreed. Derek has his docs straight – great education in the basis for protecting our rights.
  • at least hes listening and wants to know. i approached a close friend who is so asleep its scary but always been protected by her all encompasing hubby. she has known nothing of the world for a long time… to him its go to work make some money so i can play golf… can you tell he is not a close friend.. i have tried 30 plus years.. too self absorbed to listen.. doesnt have much good to say about the female either… he would listen to the drunk on the corner before a knowledgeable female… my hubby can see it clearly and tried to help him see but it didnt work.. sad… i am not sure he will make it thru the events in the near future.. i tried to at least approach some info and said it was a nice story line…where did it get that from..facetiously..
  • An NPC maybe? 
  • Hidden History Series

    Share your videos with friends, family, and the world



Meines ultrabescheidenen Erachtens, BEFREIEN wir uns eher von den „Tartarians“: das sind diese geistlosen Weitschragen, die andere gar nicht anders als als ihre Dienerschaft zu denken verstehen. Das kugelt auch in Wien noch herum, extrem verdienstlos. bp, e se tu no lo fai non chiedo di certo venia io. Sognatelo affan! Wer Mitwesen nur heruntergewahren kann, dem kann man nur die Wurzeln austrocknen lassen. Solche merken erst, wenn sie raumentfallen, was sie alles hielt, UNBEDANKT von ihren Strohbirnen. Sowas hat man sich nicht bieten zu lassen, solche gasertn Haigaijn. Also echt.. Solche hochherrschaftlichen Fregatten mit ihren Fregattgattenvögeln.. trallala. Ich kudere, wann ICH will. Soweit ..


Und daß genau diese Hirnlosverwittergrüstln UNS HIER ALLES HEREINHOLEN, nur damit sie weiter Weitbeuteln können, das bleibt irgendwann zu überlegen. WER GAB ALL DIESEN ET-Dreckszeugs denn hier dauernd unsere Haxen!!!?

Oder anders formuliert:

  • I had a strong feeling JC was referring to Juan O Savin.  Especially after some of us were not happy with his interview yesterday with Mel Carmine… the guy in the chair he must have purchased from Lilly Munster’s garage sale. 
  • Juan has zero to say in all of the mumblings on and on.
    He reminds me of my ornery grandpa, my dad’s abusive dad. As a kid on the farm who was just sent to tell my brothers and dad it was time for dinner, my grandpa would somehow know and call me to him and I would reluctantly go to him. He’d be chewing on a toothpick working up a burp and making me stand there for at least 15 mins or more in silence waiting for him to tell me what he wants to say to me. I’d always think that he was OLD and forgot what he wanted to say so then I’d politely try to tell him goodbye. He’d of course stop me and say he „wasn’t through talking to me yet“. And then after the torturous long wait in silence, he’d come up with the stupidest old sayings that made me just scoff all the way back home with what a waste of time.  😂 He’d say stuff like: „You don’t miss the water until the well runs dry.“ He’d never just have a conversation with me.
    To this day, I hate it when my husband takes ages in answering my questions as if he knows it bothers me. I just start leaving him when he does it now. It’s just so rude, to me not to answer a simple yes or no question.
    Juan brings that up in me too, I just can’t listen to nonsense like that.
  • Bless you. This was said exactly the way I feel. I had a pedo parent that did the same. No time for the nonsense, you said it in a light-hearted way, that helps. Ty. xx
  • Aww! I’m so sorry to hear about that. I hope you’ve healed from the trauma. ❤️
  • Every day is a healing day! I am a brave and courageous woman who stopped generations of all kinds of abuse for our future generations. My father just passed away, and I am really at peace. I truly hope he is in a healing place and able to look at his actions and lack thereof and learn. My heart feels good and full! xx
  • Juan and JFK Jr. treat us like we’re children who can’t handle the truth.  And I’m very tired of the act.  
  • I am too Jodi. So much of things are hidden which should not be hidden from the public. No one would ever get the gravity of what the creeps have been doing right under our noses. Which only means one thing, it’s bound to be repeated.
  • I agree… it’s frustrating.  And then I have to stop and remember how damned stupid the majority of the people are.  They’re really very clueless, Robin.  I had dinner with two old friends tonight.  I love them dearly… one is a Trump supporter, the other a die-hard Democrat.  Both are fully vaccinated.  They have NO idea what’s happening, and I didn’t dare go into it with them.  When the shit hits the fan, everyone will sink or swim.  So perhaps that’s why Juan is being told to go slowly.  We know a lot and have for years.  So it’s natural for us to be impatient and annoyed with the pace.  But most people would go insane if they knew half of what we know… and we don’t even know half of the truth.  What a crazy time to be alive.  I guess we signed up for this, didn’t we?  
  • I agree with you but I don’t like it. People have to know all about it. It’s up to them to decide what to do with the info. I only felt that I could share the eminent banking crash with only 2 of my siblings…and decided the other 2 wouldn’t receive it or comprehend it. My oldest brother, my hero, isn’t doing too great right now so I couldn’t tell him. He’s about to close on a home south of Tuscon too. He’s so excited about it. He won’t listen to anyone but the stupid Vet Hospital and will go in for another chemo round on the 28th. I think they want him off the planet and he thinks they’re angles. smh
  • Thank you for sharing this 💖 It’s actually a really good advice he gave you .. cherish the things you are used to having – suddenly they might be gone. It’s very fitting for these days we are living in right now. So a big thank you to your old toothpick chewing annoying grandpa 🤓

    – I fully acknowledge your experiences and feelings about them ❣️

  • I surely don’t like it either.  It’s long past time for the hard-hitting truth.  I’m tired of the subterfuge and watching friends and family living in a stupor. If we’re going to get hit with a punch in the face, they need to be prepared too. I can’t even tell them… I told them three times last year to get ready, stock up, etc… and nothing happened.  They all think I’m a lunatic.  More important… some of them keep getting their booster shots.  Juan’s favorite mantras used to be “We’ve got this” and “Enjoy the show”… now he’s made a 180 turn.  But… he is still part of the white hats, and I still appreciate J and JC inviting him on and hearing him answer JC’s questions.“
  • fervently agree

    AND IF WE WANT THE WHOLE THING: we have to finally ask ourselves WHO WHERE THE HUMANS who gave the first and all the further feet on earth to abusive ETs.

    HOW WHERE THOSE HUMANS who sold their own pairs to GREED-UFO-EYES AND CLAWS??

    hmmm….?  electric question 🥒🥒🥒🥒

    old diaper wearers never been men, „just ET-brainwhore-generals <<<. „
    brain-need always the OTHERS to be inexperienced… bible-pacifier-figures..  halflins trying to wrap themselves around and put themselves over anything that moves, to be dragged

    perishing in their innate laziness
    and TRUE genderlessness ______ no fire, just smeary chrism

    🙄🌵🌵fed up to the torrential overflow!🌵🔶
    impotent sterile diapers WANTING THEMSELVES AS CONDOMES for anybody and anything, while greasily buried in „money“ ….

    THEY KNOW WELL that nobody will listen to them once the Earth feels well again, and we.

    And in my humble opinion, lots of ETs will experience the same awakening: Earth is for who accomplishes the complete subtle vestition with liquid cristalline bodies (normal incarnation-behaviour and -time) to be able to love and hear the concert of earthly beings and gardens of all kind. There will be no I!HAVE-I!AM–(„and you are the lesser veil“)-wisdomcattles.. what for ??

    ZIO PAPERONE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6rhNstROPk

    Zio Paperone e il segreto per diventare ricchi (1967)

    Il segreto per diventare ricchi raccontato ai propri nipotini dal mitico Zio Paperone..


  • Yeah, he always used old sayings to pass onto me but in a torturous way for a kid.  😂  
  • I did the same with my family telling them to prepare. I was also told I was crazy by one of them.
  • Lily Munster’s garage sale!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂



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