.. mit wem ich noch nicht ganz einer Meinung bin, weil so gescheit bin ich noch nicht:


Chapter 4

(Buch immer dasselbe)


This vicious cycle of defense is simple,

but wishes to appear extremely complicated.

In your vicious cycle,

you can recite over and again your many life stories

that tell how terrible things have been,

how the patterns of life repeat,

how life is doing you wrong.

You can repeatedly recite many different ways and incidents to prove that all.

Your vicious cycles are simply defense camouflaged as life.

They are just regurgitated, undigested,

unassimilated experiences.


life is always moving into the unknown.

Each moment is new and different from the last.

It is the process of constant co-creation.





__ H E Y O A N par Brennan

--haben ist mit handeln abzuwechseln;
Viel Haben mit hart arbeiten. FÜR St.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . a sense of faith

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